iPush technology bridges the gap between brick-and-mortar businesses and customers glued to their phones.

  • Allows nearby Bluetooth enabled smartphonesto listen for low power signals transmitted from iPushbeacons.
  • iPush partners can push contextual mobile content(personalized messages, coupons, spin & win, scratch offs, slot machine games, promos, referrals, incentives, etc.) to any smartphone that comesinto their proximity range.
  • iPush beacons can transmit signals up to 300 feet, andare not limited to being placed in your one spot.

iPush has developed every component

Proximity Solution Platform

Also known as our rebost marketing platform


Deploy our Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons in your real estate office and beyond

Geofence Capabilities

Geofencing marketing is the ability to advertise to potential customers within a specific geographic area

Add-on iPushCoupon Gamification

iPushCoupon’s platform lets you create unforgettable user client experiences with the use of Gamification

Use our technology to send custom push messages
to home-buyers IN REAL TIME!

Geofence With Precision‎

What if you could set mobile Geotargeting marketing campaigns in front of your competitor’s location – NOW YOU CAN

Step 1

Set remote push locations near
your competitions agencies

Step 2

Set the parameters

Step 3

Launch custom campaigns to
beat out your competition


Jump start user engagement using our gameification mobile marketing software. Create scratch and win, spin and win and slot machine coupons!

Adding gamification to your promotions adds a fun and exciting way to engage with potential home-buyers!

How to Apply to the Market

Send out welcome messages

to nearby community members. Along with special community offers

Inform home-buyers

of extra amenities as soon as they walk in the door!

Create call to actions

of specific floor plans/homes for nearby interested home-buyers!


home-buyers about key home features as they move from one room to another.

You are surrounded by
nearby customers

In this fiercely competitive high-tech world, proximity gamification marketing is gaining huge traction and projected to significantly affect a broad range of fields and industries. Contact us to get started today.